Saturday, November 20, 2010

Is 'Stupid' contagious?

Whats more dangerous than a mean bitch in charge of your life?
A mean bitch that's in charge of your life that doesn't know she's stupid...

B2 isn't totally thick. She knows Real Estate, and finance, and a few other things,
but there are certain subjects that she is just plain dimwitted over.

Like taking a ream of paper from one cupboard so that she could use it, putting it down on her desk and then going to the storeroom and getting another to replace it in the cupboard??
The cupboard was chockers minus 1 friggen ream!
Its not just an isolated thing but its also not consistent like shes got some type of mania! Theres no sharpening of pencils or lining up notepads in order of thickness or any such pattern.
She just goes 'exit stage left' at random shit.
She has an iPhone and it sits on one of those cute little robot stands next to her mouse when she's working.
Sometimes when she is typing and her iPhone rings she will pick up her mouse...
This happens a couple of times a week!!!

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